(!New Player) Gia Hân X-One Pro ELITE 80k Songs – Ultimate Karaoke Player Flagship.


Gia Han X-One Pro ELITE, the leading high-end karaoke machine in Gia Han.

Couldn’t be better than Ultimate PERFECT, PERFECT & PERFECT…

– Perfect hardware finishing
– Perfect Video Quality
– Perfect Audio Quality

All descriptions are not equal to the customer experience 1 time at Gia Han Music & Videos Florida – Gia Han is confident that you will be satisfied with the money spent as well as the quality of the product brought!

– Version 12TB HDD (Latest Update 2022 – more than 80,000 high-quality songs) selected and not duplicated.
Select songs with alphabetical abbreviations: song name, artist name, author’s name + Song genre menu, favorite list…

– Control via Android or iOS phone, tablet. Unlimited connected devices. Without internet, still control via phone, tablet.
– Increase and decrease the tone of high and low beat music.
– Choose songs directly on YouTube without changing the application.
– Insert songs, delete posts in the queue, increase or decrease the volume, turn on and off the singer’s voice, send greetings to the screen…
– Voice search control..
And many other attractive features waiting for you to discover.

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