( ! New Micro) BBS F80 Plus Professional 900Mhz Microphone System


BBS F80 Plus Professional

  • Exclusive styling with excellent finishing
  • 4 customizable EQ styles built right into the microphone, for optimal vocal tuning.
  • FBX mode can be turned on/off directly on the microphone, minimizing the possibility of howling
  • Wave frequency synchronization by shaking the mic hand (Shake to Sync)

A special feature of the BBS F80 Plus microphone is that it integrates 4 custom EQ styles, designed by the company to suit the 4 most popular Karaoke speaker lines on the market, providing the best possible sound quality for the singer. In addition, Shake to Sync technology – Shake To Sync is also equipped, in case of accidental change of the microphone hand’s wave frequency, it can be re-synced immediately just by shaking the handle, which is very convenient. Useful when using the microphone in a crowded environment such as a party, or a live show.

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