(!NEW-2021 MIXING) Tamon MA-1500DSP Amply Karaoke All In One


Tamon MA-1500DSP 3-in-1 system includes: DSP sound effects processing + Microphone + Amplifier
● Noble designed with touching screen display ,optional Chinese / English language ;User could set
the menu on the screen, very easy to operate .
● Built-in wireless microphone (optional),power amplifier , with professional karaoke effect .
● Dual karaoke chip makes frequency to be staggered and out of sync ,effectively prevent feedback ,
noise and other problems , to have a satiation and Natural voice
● Music , microphone , effect with starting up VOL setting and maximum VOL locked function .support
One-key factory reset.
● High quality circuit board using micro control technology , The service life is longer than that of
ordinary boards .
● Power amplifier support MP3 play , be available to listen any time the songs which already downloaded…