( ! Mixer 2023 Model) Tamon-X11 – High Quality DSP Karaoke Processor 2023


Tamon X-11 is completely new design, with separate professional DSP karaoke effect processing chip, Combined with independent DAC audio decoding chip. Bringing users the best sound quality experience. The softest, smoothest and most realistic karaoke echo effect, easy to express your favorite songs without any effort.


  • The series is Kara OK amplifier with speaker processor functions, each function are independently adjustable
  • 24Bit data and 32Bit DSP
  • Music input channel is equipped with 15 parametric EQ
  • MIC input channel is equipped with 20 parametric EQ
  • Primary output with 10 parametric EQ
  • In the output, rear output and subwoofer is equipped with 3 parameters balanced
  • Microphone feedback inhibition level 4 and option OFF/ON
  • Can store 16 kinds of mode
  • Microphone output, the main output, output, subwoofer output rear output are high pressure limit and delay function
  • Accommodation manager mode and the user mode, user mode after the adjustment of parameters cannot be stored
  • This machine is equipped with a fully functional menu, it can be set via a PC interface
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