( ! Mixer 2023 Model) Maingo M8 – High Quality DSP Karaoke Processor 2023


Main features
● Using the latest ADI five series chips, 64-Bit high-speed dual-core DSP processor

● The music channel has a 9-band PEQ stereo equalizer, and automatically recognizes optical fiber audio digital input.

● Microphone 15-segment PEQ can be adjusted individually, full digital audio processing system, stereo DSP multiple digital reverberation, and the human voice effect is more professional.

● Microphone noise cancellation setting, independent pressure limit design; frequency shift 2Hz ~ 8Hz optional feedback suppression, and optional “OFF”.

● The effect channel is independently equipped with high and low passes, and the reverb and echo are respectively equipped with 5-band parametric equalization (PEQ) and other functions.

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