(Micro) Maingo MA-W1600 Professional Wireless Microphones


Wireless microphone products for high-end Karaoke, small and medium stages, With the Maingo MA-W1600 you no longer have to worry because with 200 frequencies, you can use multiple wireless microphones at the same time without fear of interference. number.
MainGo MA-W1600 is built according to KTV standards, so the sound quality will favor the bright sound range from 125hz-4Khz.
The technical profile allows for oscillations in the range of 60hz-18Khz and a sensitivity of 105db suitable for karaoke speakers with db from 92-94db.
This allows without consuming a lot of amplifier power, but the singing is still strongly amplified and minimizes microphone howling.
Main Features
Infrared automatic frequency
200 groups of (UHF) channel numbers
Large dual LCD display windows
Aluminum tube body and luminous drop resistance tail cover, beautiful and durable
Vigorous and full of low-frequency sound, sweet and delicate treble

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