(Micro) Gia Hân UHF-88 Wireless microphone system

Original price was: $999.00.Current price is: $799.99.

– Perfect anti-howling
– Anti-resonance, background buzzing, when 2 microphones are operating close to each other, or the microphone head is accidentally hand-held.
– Choose super clean waves
– Priority function to change the intensity of hi-low broadcast on the mic hand (Super battery saving)
– High-tech control software
– 3 seconds automatically cut off the sound received into the microphone when the microphone is put down.
– 10 minutes to completely power off when not in use
– Absolutely shockproof, when dropped, there is no sound on the speaker
– High strength, good impact resistance.
– Micro arm uses scratch-resistant painted aluminum, Anti-fading nano coating, Luxurious design.

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