Electro-Voice Evolve 50M Portable Column PA System – White


Bands, musicians, AV rental companies, DJs, and anyone looking for true professional audio performance in a super-compact and portable PA package will be thrilled by this kit, which combines the white Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50M Portable 1000W Subwoofer with the white Evolve 50 Column Speaker.

Key Features
  • EVOLVE 50M Active Subwoofer
  • EVOLVE 50 Column Speaker Array
  • Magnetically Locking Mounting Pole
  • 12″ Subwoofer, Eight 3.5″ Drivers
  • 1000W of Class-D Amplification
  • Custom Waveguides for Wide Coverage
  • Advanced 8-Channel Mixer
  • Onboard DSP with Presets, EQ, and FX
  • Supports Bluetooth Audio and Control
  • Connect Two EVOLVE 50Ms via RJ45 Cable