Electro-Voice ETX-15SP 1800W 15 inch Powered Subwoofer-Black


The ETX-15SP 15″, 1800W Powered Subwoofer from Electro-Voice is a portable powered Class-D subwoofer capable of up to 1800 watts of output power for a peak SPL rating of 134dB. It has an adjustable low-pass filter, allowing you to select from 80, 100, 120, or 150Hz. The subwoofer has integrated FIR-Drive DSP, including a preset for true cardioid output across its bandwidth. Its combo pole cup supports both insert and threaded inputs allowing it to be used with a variety of other loudspeakers. 4 removable casters are included for easy transport.

Key Features
  • 1800W Power Rating
  • 134dB Peak SPL
  • 15″ Speaker
  • Adjustable Low-Pass Filter
  • Integrated FIR-Drive DSP
  • DSP Preset for True Cardioid
  • Lockout Mode
  • Combo Pole Cup
  • Includes 4 Removable Casters