( ! Android Box) Zidoo Android Box 4K Hi-End Media player NEO α


All-in-one HiFi Media Player

NEO α(Alpha) Signature Edition is the flagship of ZIDOO in 2022, it converges years of technologies
and brings refreshingly ultimate audio visual experiences for enthusiasts
430 standard dimension, all-aluminum thickened chassis and silent passive heat dissipation
5-inch OLED touch screen, 4G DDR4 RAM and 32G eMMC storage, 512G internal SSD
ESS9038 Pro DAC, low noise and dual power supplies(linear power supply and digital power supply)
Dual HDMI audio video separation, supporting DSD Native 5.1 (HDMI Audio/DSD port)
NEO α(Alpha) is an all-in-one solution for HiFi player, DSD multichannel digital player
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