Privacy policy Giahan Smartkaraoke

When using our products or services, we may collect certain information related to your device to improve the quality of our services; We are committed to protecting your collected information. We recommend that you read the “Privacy Policy” in detail to understand what information we collect, how we collect this information and how we use it. By using our products or services, you agree to the collection, storage and use of your information in a reasonable and legally compliant manner.

1. Information we collect from you
On Giahan Smartkaraoke application we collect the following information on your device: MAC Address, Android ID, Android Version, CPU Architecture, Device ID, IMEI, Manufaturer, Model Number. All of this information is used to identify your device on our application activation system.
On the Giahan Smartkaraoke Remote application, we have the ability to take photos and select photos from the collection to put on the Karaoke screen.

2. Information security
All of the information we collect from you is kept confidential and is not given to anyone else. Images taken from the Giahan Smartkaraoke Remote application are only used to export to the Karaoke screen and temporarily stored in the device’s memory.

3. Update privacy policy
We reserve the right to change our privacy policy. When there are any updates related to the privacy policy, we will clearly describe the change and post it at the top of this privacy policy page. We assume that you agree with our privacy policy at all times.