Acesonic DSP-9800


The Acesonic DSP9800 is the most advance karaoke and surround sound decoder/processor in the world. The processor utilizes dual Texas Instruments 32-bit Digital Signal Processors that are fully optimized for the best karaoke and 7.1 channel home theatre experience.

In the traditional karaoke processor design, most vocal mixers always focus on two-channel output for the best sing-along experience but it is not suitable for a multi-channel surround sound environment. On the other hand, all surround sound A/V processors in the market are solely designed for the purpose of the home-theatre and music listening experience. No consideration was included for vocal optimization for the singing environment. Most users, when they had to purchase a sound system, would have to make the difficult decision of choosing between a karaoke system or home-theatre system. It was an impossible choice until the release of the Acesonic DSP9800 Karaoke & Cinema Processor that will meet your requirements and give you the best of both worlds.

The Acesonic DSP9800 is the first signal processor that combines the best of both a karaoke processor and a home-theatre processor into one unit and creating the ultimate A/V processor that is suitable for both karaoke and home theatre. No design aspects were compromised to ensure the Acesonic DSP9800 will perform at the its best in both karaoke or home theater environments.